Sitting down at the piano and playing a tune can be a natural thing to do, especially when you know how to play from a lead sheet. A melody and a few chord symbols are easy to read. We will work out how to make the chords sound wonderful. The beauty of lead sheets is, wherever you are in your piano playing, we can make it sound great. This online course has lessons for both Easy chords and More Advanced chords. You'll find tips on how to finger a melody quickly and if you want an extra challenge, tips to add extra notes under the melody. Designed with adults and teens in mind. Come and play with me!

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Download the music, sit down at your piano and let's create some chords together.

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3 - note chords for the Easier version and two-handed big chords for the More Advanced players. We'll play at whatever level you are most comfortable.

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Not a problem! Watch Learn To Play On A Clear Day and find out how to play this and more...

Hi, I’m Linda Gould

My friends called me Linderace when I was growing up because I loved to play boogie woogie as well as classical. I love teaching adults and teens to play piano using chords and improvisation. I've been teaching and performing for many decades. My course, Play Piano Chords Today is coming to Teachables very soon. Please enjoy the courses and enjoy creating your own musical voice!

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