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There's a lot of information in this section. Use it a reference when questions come up.

Here's an overview:

  • Materials you need to maximize your experience
  • A glossary of abbreviations used
  • How to slow down a video
  • How me being a mirror image enhances your learning
  • Circle of 5ths


Here are a few abbreviations I use in the text in this course:

HT – Hands Together

HS – Hands Separately

RH – Right Hand

LH – Left Hand

PPCT - Play Piano Chords Today

Here's what you'll need

  • music
  • keyboard or piano
  • headphones
  • pencil
  • computer or tablet with this course open

I recommend you play along with the video and do some playing by yourself. Mix it up and keep it interesting. 

If you have headphones (and it really improves your experience) it helps to take a headphone off one ear so you can hear the video (through the ear bud) and yourself (through your ear) while you play along. Wireless ear buds are best as there are no chords that get in the way of your hands. Or, for as little as $10 you can get Skullcandy earbuds (I know, weird name) that are comfy and it's easy to drop out one ear bud.

Slowing down a video

Often you wish a teacher would slow down... or speed up.

With online videos you can do that!

  • Click on the gear box on the bottom right of the video
  • Choose your speed
  • Play and repeat as often as you wish!

Video Setup

  • Why am I a mirror image?
  • Why do some note names look funny?
  • Answers are in this video 🎵 

Circle of Fifths

For the best experience, place a circle of 5ths on your piano and in your Piano Binder. It’s a great reference for ii-V-I warmups, key signatures, V-I relationships (so you can find that chord in your ear), and generally learning how music moves.  You'll find it in the download section. Print and cut it out into a square. It’s rotatable!

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