Be Creative At Your Piano

Sitting down at the piano and playing a tune can be a natural thing to do, especially when you know how to play from a lead sheet. Using I Can't Help Falling In Love With You we'll explore the art of playing arpeggios on the piano.

Lead sheets work for beginners and more advanced players. This online course has lessons for both Easy 3-note chords and More Advanced 4-note chords.

Designed with adults and teens in mind. Come and play with me!

Hi, I'm Linda Gould

My friends called me Linderace when I was growing up because I loved to play boogie woogie as well as classical piano. I love teaching adults and teens to play piano using chords and improvisation.

I have been teaching, performing and arranging for decades. Look for my 4-volume course, Play Piano Chords Today, coming to Teachables very soon.

I hope you enjoy these courses and creating your own musical voice!

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