Starting or returning to the piano? This course is a supplement for beginner piano players taking the Play Piano Chords Today Book 1 course. Start on the right foot by getting a solid foundation while you write music and play games!

I'll be your cheerleader and play with you as you become a better note reader, feel the basics of rhythm, and discover the secret to creating your own piano practice habits.

This downloadable lesson plan shows you how the courses progress together.

We'll start with Meet Your Piano and by the end of the course you'll become a confident note reader.

Learning online allows you to repeat sections as many times as you wish, or move quickly through sections that are easy for you.

Listen - Play - Write

and thoroughly experience music with musical games so that it seeps into your subconscious and becomes part of you.

Bundle Piano From Scratch with 
Play Piano Chords Today

When you enroll in both Piano From Scratch (PFS) and Play Piano Chords Today Book 1 (PPCT1) with the Beginner Piano Chord Bundle you save $20 a month!

Taking two courses simultaneously enhances your learning experience. PPCT1 has great songs to learn and assumes you know a little bit about note reading. PFS assumes you know nothing about note reading.

Here's how they work together.

Monthly Subscription

Sign up for Piano From Scratch or bundle it with Play Piano Chords Today🎵

Linda Gould on the Crystal Serenity 2020

Hi, I’m Linda Gould

I am a mom, grandma, pianist, composer and educator who's passion for the last 4 decades is teaching adults to play piano with piano chords and lead sheets. I love creativity in music and helping students find their creative voice.

Piano From Scratch has 30 exciting lectures (yes 30!) all for the price of one piano lesson AND you can repeat them as many times as you wish. Great value!

I wrote Piano From Scratch because creativity starts with a solid foundation AND you'll get your foundation creatively! This isn't your standard course. Prepare to use your ears, your eyes, your pencils, your fingers and of course, your piano!

Creative, magnificent, so holistic and so enjoyable!

After not having a piano lesson for over 10 years, I found Linda Gould. What a treasure she is!! And her teaching methods are so creative, so magnificent, so holistic and so enjoyable; I have fallen in love with playing the piano again. Linda is the most creative teacher I ever had. 

Piano From Scratch

Print out the Piano From Scratch course onto good old fashioned paper or upload it to your tablet and read and annotate it with the app ForScore.

Totally Stress Free!

Linda's classes have been fun and totally stress-free. If I had had this type of instruction early in my piano playing, I would likely have never stopped playing.

Phyllis (artist)