Welcome to Piano From Scratch!

Are you prepared for a musical journey like no other? Take your first step by watching this video and download the PDF. I am looking forward to playing with you!

Here's your first download (3 pages)

Take a 3-ring binder and put in your first pages to create your own Piano From Scratch book.

There are more pages to come. By the end of this course you will have a complete book for reference with worksheets, music.

Beginner Piano Bundle Lesson Plan

Piano From Scratch (PFS) is a beginner supplement for Play Piano Chords Today (PPCT) course. PPCT can be taken by beginners as well as experienced players transitioning to playing with lead sheets. It doesn't include some music basics only beginners need. PFS fills in all the holes! Everything a beginner needs to enjoy the PPCT course is included.

It will likely take you several months to enjoy the whole course and it is helpful to know which lessons from PFS pair up with lessons from PPCT. Download the lesson plan below to pair up the courses and enhance your experience 🎵 😊

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