Creative Warmups

Warmups should be fun and inspiring. This one is both!

Follow along with the basics and then branch out and be creative when you are ready.

The ii - V - I chord progression is everywhere in music and when you have mastered it in all 12 keys EVERYTHING becomes easier.

Designed with adults and teens in mind.

🎹 Lets get warmed up 😊

Hi, I'm Linda Gould

My friends called me Linderace when I was growing up because I loved to play boogie woogie as well as classical piano. I love teaching adults and teens to play piano using chords and improvisation.

I have been teaching, performing and arranging for decades. Look for my 4-volume course, Play Piano Chords Today, coming to Teachables very soon.

I hope you enjoy these courses and creating your own musical voice!

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